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Meet The Experts

JJ Medina President

An internationally recognized designer and denim finishing expert, JJ brings over a decade of experience working with the world’s top denim brands and manufacturers. JJ is an extraordinary natural innovator and is passionate to change the denim business by linking sustainability with the making & finishing of denim jeans.

Patricio Ibarra CEO

Founder and Chairman of Fashion Depot, Owns, markets and distributes major apparel and accesories brands throughout Mexico and Latam Markets. Including, mid tier and premium markets. Sourcing out of Europeand Asia. Multibrand Portfolio includes Brands like Portobello by Pepe jeans , Paul Frank, Ben sherman, London Fog, Hoodie Buddie, One Direction (apparel merchandise rights), Capelli New York among several other international brands.

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Supply Chain

  • R & D
  • Fabric Design
  • Jeans Design
  • Product Development
  • 200 A Week Sample Room.
  • 10 Fabric Development A Month.
  • Fabric Mills
    • USA
    • Mexico
    • Thailand
    • Pakistan
    • China
    • Turkey
    • India
  • Manufacturing
  • Mexico
  • Dubai



Web Commerce

Jean Production / Dubai

Jean Production / México

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Calzada de los Leones 170, PH Col. Los Alpes, México DF


1200 Revolution Mill Road Greensboro, NC


110 Wall Street New York, NY 10005

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About Us

Company Fabrics

Denim & Jeans full value operation. We design, make, sell and distribute sustainable Denim Fabrics & Denim Jeans using high-end design and technology. Direct business from concept to DC.

Value Proposition

DENIM INC provides FULL VALUE from R&D, Garment Collections, Production and Logistics/Distribution to USA-MEXICO-LATAM-BRAZIL. DENIM INC provides FAST FASHION products from concept to in Store/Distribution Center delivery. Our supply chain has the capability to adapt to our clients’ needs and will respond and deliver products with the highest quality standards in a very FAST 30 DAYS LEAD TIME.

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